Prototyping Interfaces:

Interactives Skizzieren Maps mit VVVV

By Michele Ferretti / @miccferr

About Me:

  • 2014: Start Maptime Milan chapter <3
  • 2014: "Digital" Cartographer at Politecnico di Milano
  • 2011 - 2013: M.Sc. Urban Planning
  • 2009 - 2011: B.Sc. Environmental Sciences

How it all started...

Maptime Milan finds home at OpenDot Fablab <3

hipsters everywhere!!!

Back in June...
Architectural Walks in Milan

Project Issues:

The Interaction Model

Hyp 1: 3D-Printed Maquette

Hyp 2: Interactive Table

TUIO protocol

Anatomy of a TUIO message

Header Value
src TUIO source
set Info about the objects' state
alive List of objects on the surface
fseq Identifier for a specific update state


A multipurpose toolkit

Project Issues:

The User Interface

Project Issues:

Technical Constraints

Made with <3 and OpenData

Lessons learned:

  • Start simple... but start!
  • build, scratch, re-make.
  • The value of Prototyping
  • Be open and humble

but most of all, don't forget...

to have fun!!!

Questions ?



A project by DotDotDot Studio + OpenDot Fablab with:
- Alessandro Masserdotti // @ales9000
- Ambhika Samsen // @jibsamsen
- Andrej Bolevslasky //
- Michele Ferretti // @miccferr

Credits where credit is due